Abge­sagt! – Wri­ting the Virus – Book Launch with Scott Mar­tin­gell, Mui Poopoks­akul, Chris­ti­an von der Goltz, Mark Kanak and Andrea Scri­ma

11.12. |  19:30 Uhr | Neu­er Salon

Wri­ting the Virus, the first antho­lo­gy to explo­re the human effects of the pan­de­mic, par­ses the virus as it hits a socie­ty pola­ri­zed by racism, pri­vi­le­ge and poli­tics. The book tracks the virus’s pro­gres­si­on from epi­de­mio­lo­gi­cal thre­at to inter­na­tio­nal cri­sis and sket­ches the evo­lu­ti­on of Corona’s rapidly chan­ging mea­ning over the past half year. Wri­ting the Virus inclu­des a haun­ting sto­ry that explo­res the psy­cho­lo­gi­cal dimen­si­ons of an anti-Asian hate crime with a curious­ly absent cul­prit; hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry pro­se that gro­pes its way through a laby­rinth of inter­na­li­zed fear; a his­to­ri­cal essay on the post-Cold War mili­ta­riz­a­ti­on of the poli­ce and the racist roots of poli­ce bru­ta­li­ty; poems that pro­be racism’s dark and vio­lent under­cur­rent in Ame­ri­can socie­ty; and an essay that appeals to the power of love in the Black com­mu­ni­ty as our stron­gest and most pro­mi­sing for­ce for chan­ge. Wri­ting the Virus, edi­ted by Andrea Scri­ma and David Win­ner, was publis­hed Novem­ber 1 by Out­post 19 Books.

Rea­ders of the evening: Chris­ti­an von der Goltz (“Hal­ted Time”); Scott Mar­tin­gell (“Poems in Times of Coro­na”); Mui Poopoks­akul (“The Blue Vial”); Andrea Scri­ma (“Coro­na Report”); Mark Kanak reads from his Eng­lish trans­la­ti­on of Alex­an­der Graeff’s “Per­pe­tu­um Mobi­le.”

Mode­ra­tor: Aman­da DeMar­co

Mui Poopoks­akul is a lawyer-turned-translator with a spe­cial inte­rest in con­tem­pora­ry Thai lite­ra­tu­re. Her trans­la­ti­ons inclu­de three sto­ry collec­tions: The Sad Part Was and Moving Parts, both by Prab­da Yoon, and Arid Dreams by Duan­wad Pim­wa­na. She is also the trans­la­tor of the novel Bright by Pim­wa­na. Mui lives in Ber­lin, Ger­ma­ny.

Sta­to­rec edi­tor in chief Andrea Scri­ma stu­di­ed fine arts at the School of Visu­al Arts in New York and the Hoch­schu­le der Küns­te, Ber­lin, Ger­ma­ny, whe­re she lives and works. A Ger­man trans­la­ti­on of her first book, A Les­ser Day (Spuy­ten Duy­vil), was publis­hed by Lite­ra­tur­ver­lag Dro­schl, Graz, in 2018 under the tit­le Wie vie­le Tage. Scri­ma wri­tes litera­ry cri­ti­cism for The Brook­lyn Rail, Music & Lite­ra­tu­re, Schreib­heft, Manu­skrip­te, and other publi­ca­ti­ons. She publis­hes a mon­th­ly column for 3Quarks Dai­ly and is cur­r­ent­ly working on her third book. Her second book, a novel tit­led Like Lips, Like Skins, is due to come out in a Ger­man edi­ti­on in the fall of 2021.

Chris­ti­an von der Goltz is a jazz pia­nist and com­po­ser based in Ber­lin. Recent record­ings inclu­de the CD of his sex­tet cvdg pro­ject (Rudi Mahall, Hen­rik Wals­dorff, Mar­tin Klin­ge­berg, Chris­ti­an von der Goltz, Jan Roder, and Kay Lueb­ke), tit­led para­di­se. He has been working on a novel for the past several years.

MC Jab­ber (Scott Mar­tin­gell), born in South Lon­don in 1966, per­forms as a sin­ger and poet. He won the first UK Natio­nal Poe­try Slam in 1995, the first Glas­ton­bu­ry Fes­ti­val Poe­try Slam in 1996, and the Inter­na­tio­nal SLAM! Revue in 2006. From 1999 to 2008 he was a voca­list in the Danish band Blue Foun­da­ti­on, with tracks fea­tured on “Miami Vice” and the Bill­board #1, Grammy-nominated sound­track to “Twi­light.” He lives in Ber­lin.

Mark Kanak, aut­hor, trans­la­tor, noi­se­ma­ker, lives in Ber­lin. Prose/poems (Ger­man and Eng­lish) in jour­nals, etc. Nume­rous trans­la­ti­ons into Eng­lish (Ser­ner, Brink­mann, Bur­ger, Gangl, Crauss, Neu­ner, Rey­er, etc.). Most recent­ly publis­hed: Wal­ter Serner’s Last Loo­se­ning: A Hand­book for the Con Artist and Tho­se Who Aspi­re to Beco­me One (2020, Twis­ted Spoon) and Trac­ta­tus illogico-insanus (2019, Rit­ter). 2022 is the expec­ted post-Corona pre­mie­re of Trac­ta­tus, a holo­dra­ma fea­turing Blixa Bar­geld in the lead role.

Alex­an­der Gra­eff, Ph.D., is a wri­ter and phi­lo­so­pher who lives in Ber­lin and Greifs­wald. He also works as an edi­tor, cura­tor, and lec­tu­rer and has publis­hed nume­rous phi­lo­so­phi­cal texts and pie­ces of fic­tion. His pro­se and poe­try are occa­sio­nal­ly sur­re­al, and he fre­quent­ly mixes litera­ry forms. Gra­eff is the head of the lite­ra­tu­re pro­gram at the Brot­fa­brik Ber­lin. In the Queer Media Socie­ty, he is com­mit­ted to incre­a­sing the visi­bi­li­ty of queer bio­gra­phies and sto­ries in the litera­ry estab­lish­ment.

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