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16.11. | 20 Uhr
Aktu­el­le Kurz­fil­me aus der Ost-Ukraine

Eine Ver­an­stal­tung mit der Unter­stüt­zung des Film­fes­ti­vals Cott­bus!

Ukrai­ne 2012-17 | 80 Minu­ten | Ukrai­nisch und Rus­sisch mit eng­li­schen Unter­ti­teln | Kurz­film­pro­gramm | R: diver­se

Nach einer län­ge­ren Som­mer­pau­se set­zen wir nun unse­ren monat­lich statt­fin­den­den ukrai­ni­schen Film­club fort. Auf dem Pro­gramm dies­mal eine Aus­wahl von aktu­el­len Kurz­fil­men aus der Ost-Ukraine. Gezeigt wer­den:

Ma (МА)
Made in Mariu­pol & Kyiv – 17 min – R: Maria Stoia­no­va
Mom is fee­ding gre­at tits from the win­dow of the high-rise buil­ding in Mariu­pol and grows queen app­les in her sum­mer­house near the batt­le line. While tel­ling about her unso­phisti­ca­ted life, the woman shoots vide­os on a small came­ra for her daugh­ter in Kyiv who is often busy. To make the con­ver­sa­ti­on last, she feeds fai­ry­ta­les and morels to her grown up kid.

Gir­nyk (ГІРНИК)
Made in Gir­nyk – 10 min – R: Maria Vor­on­chuk
Fol­lo­wing the long absence I’m back in the home­town to wit­ness it’s trans­for­ma­ti­on through the opi­ni­ons of the peop­le now living the­re. The bus, accord­ing to the sche­du­le, is going to the local mine, the sound of can­no­na­de is heard some­ti­mes, but the streets are fil­led with the spring holi­day and hopes for bet­ter life…

Me and Mariu­pol (Я І МАРІУПОЛЬ)
Made in Mariu­pol – 10 min – R: Pio­tr Armi­a­nov­ski
For the first time I saw the sea in Mariu­pol. I think this town has got a fai­ry tale. After 20 years I went on to find it.

Svet­lo­grad (СВІТЛОГРАД)
Made in Lysy­ch­anst, Sever­odo­netsk & Rubi­zh­ne – 15 min – R: Ali­na Yaku­ben­ko
Pseu­do docu­men­ta­ry video pie­ce in the form of an inter­view, which tells a fan­tastic sto­ry about Svitloh­rad beco­m­ing a cen­ter of modern art due to unclear and fan­tastic cir­cum­s­tan­ces con­nec­ted to the clo­sing of Azot fac­to­ry.

Steel­ma­kers (МЕТАЛУРГИ)
Made in Mariu­pol – 7 min – R: Yev­gen Niki­fo­rov
Mariu­pol is a town with one of the richest and diver­se collec­tions of Soviet monu­men­tal mosaics in Ukrai­ne. Do locals con­si­der their mosaics to be deco­ra­ti­ons of the town/district/building/factory and do they rea­li­ze their art value? Could they com­pa­re them­sel­ves today to the peop­le pic­tu­red in mosaics? After all, the lea­ding plot of any monu­men­tal Soviet panel pic­tu­re was life and work of a „typi­cal“ citi­zen.

Made in Kyiv & Donetsk – 16 min – R: Kate­ry­na Zapo­rozhets
They say wha­te­ver doesn’t kill us makes us stron­ger. But how do you start ever­ything over wit­hout losing inte­rest to life? New home, new fri­ends, new job, new fami­ly, new values…

In Anwe­sen­heit der Kurzfilm-Regisseurin und -Kura­to­rin Nadia Par­fan!



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