Love is Enough.

1.7. – 3.7.23 | 20 Uhr | eng­lish ver­si­on below

Love is Enough. Part#1 – The Core of Love, ist der ers­te Teil einer poly­pho­nen Performance-Anthologie (gebo­ren in Finn­land), in der eine Rei­he (nor­di­scher) Künst­ler im Lau­fe ihres künst­le­ri­schen Pro­zes­ses das Pos­tu­lat „Lie­be ist genug“ unter­sucht haben.
Die Antho­lo­gie wur­de von Andria­na Seecker initi­iert.
In ihrem Solo erforscht Andria­na Seecker, wie Emo­tio­nen und Seins­zu­stän­de wie Erin­ne­rung, Schmerz, Ver­lan­gen, Trau­er, Wut und Hoff­nung im Kör­per wahr­ge­nom­men wer­den und wie sie unse­re Kör­per­lich­keit beein­flus­sen und trans­for­miert die­se Erfah­run­gen und Emo­tio­nen in eine ver­kör­per­te Lein­wand auf der Büh­ne. In der Kör­per­land­schaft wer­den alle Aspek­te der Lie­be in den wil­des­ten Far­ben erlebt. Sie möch­te her­aus­fin­den, war­um sie dar­auf besteht, dass Lie­be genug ist. Stets.
„Mei­ne Idee mit die­sem Pos­tu­lat war nicht nur, gemein­sam mit ande­ren Künst­lern allein­ste­hen­de Per­for­man­ces zu schaf­fen. Oder um mein eige­nes künst­le­ri­sches Behar­ren dar­auf, dass Lie­be genug ist. Es geht dar­um, der Viel­falt all unse­rer unter­schied­li­chen Her­an­ge­hens­wei­sen und Erfah­run­gen mit Lie­be Raum zu geben.“ . Es geht dar­um, ein­an­der zuzu­hö­ren und sich aus­zu­tau­schen und so ein mög­li­ches Tref­fen zu schaf­fen.


Love is Enough. Part 1 – The Core of Love, is the first part of a poly­pho­nic per­for­mance antho­lo­gy (born in Fin­land), whe­re a num­ber of (nor­dic) artists through their artis­tic pro­cess have exami­ned the pos­tu­la­te Love is Enough.
The antho­lo­gy is inti­tia­ted by Andria­na Seecker.
In her Solo Andria­na Seecker explo­res how emo­ti­ons and sta­tes of being like pain, desi­re, sad­ness, anger, fear and hope are per­cei­ved in the body and how they influence our cor­po­ra­li­ty and trans­forms the­se expe­ri­en­ces and emo­ti­ons into an embo­di­ed can­vas on stage.
Within the body­land­scape all aspects of love are expe­ri­en­ced in the wil­dest colors.
She wis­hes to work hers­elf through why she insists on Love being Enough. Always.
„My idea with this pos­tu­la­te was not only to crea­te alo­ne stan­ding per­for­man­ces in a com­mon way tog­e­ther with other artists. Or about my own artis­tic insis­ting of Love being Enough. Its about giving space to the varie­ty of all our dif­fe­rent approa­ches and expe­ri­en­ces with Love.
Its about lis­tening and sha­ring with each other and by this crea­ting a pos­si­ble mee­ting.

Cho­reo­gra­phy / Dance / Idea / Con­cept: Andria­na Seecker (DE).
Co-Director / Con­cept / Dra­ma­tur­gy: Her­man Nyby (FI).
Set- Design /Costume: Andria­na Seecker, Her­man Nyby.
Artis­tic Assis­tent: Ire­m­lin Rode (DK).
Light Design: Lya Lynd­sa­ger.
Text: Edith Söder­gran.
Fun­ded by: Svens­ka Kul­tur­fon­den (FI), Opstart (Nor­dic Cul­tu­re Fond), Fonds Dar­stel­len­de Küns­te (DE)
Thanks to: Irmelin Rode, Char­lot­te Munk­s­gaard, Bir­git­te Prins, Micha­el Schack, Karen Bue, Ama­lie Aunsbjerg Jør­gen­sen, Karl Jes­sen, Fabrik Pots­dam, Wasch­haus Pots­dam


Aus­zü­ge aus der Kri­tik von Micha­el Sven­ne­vig nach der Pre­mie­re In Kopen­ha­gen:

„…I can not get tired of loo­king at her. It strikes me that I have not
expe­ri­en­ced dance that way befo­re.

Comes to mind Pina Bausch ́ „Le Sacre
du Prin­temps“, which takes place in an ear­then gra­ve, whe­re earth, dance
and move­ments beco­me one. In the same way, the­re is also some­thing
about the sand, the care­less­ness that is inter­rupt­ed by lightning-fast rhyth­mic
move­ments that come and go.

„..The­re is some­thing fasci­na­ting about Andria­na Seecker.
she cle­ar­ly has a secret that she does not give up and that must be why she is so exci­ting to obser­ve.
For she sucks our atten­ti­on..“

„…It’s wild what she can do with her body. It’s also hila­rious. Wit­hout mebe­ing able to explain why. Small gri­maces make us laugh. Actual­ly, is not
some­thing to laugh at, but we do. May­be becau­se the dance and the
per­for­mance release some­thing in us…“

„…She does not try to con­vin­ce us of any­thing, but we are then allo­wed to take a look at the nar­ra­ti­ve she crea­tes around us. We are the­re tog­e­ther – and we are working on a sto­ry.
It is full of sen­sa­ti­ons and they go straight into my body..“


Mo 03. Juli 2023




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