Lon­ging for some­thing… | Hong Kong Short Films

29.4. | 20 Uhr

Hong Kong 2021 | 91 Minu­ten | Kurz­film­pro­gramm | Kan­to­ne­sisch mit eng­li­schen Unter­ti­teln | R: dive­re

What is „lon­ging“? It’s the desi­re of cra­ving some­thing that is unat­tainable or distant. Espe­ci­al­ly after the mass migra­ti­on wave in Hong Kong, we are lon­ging for a con­nec­tion, a sen­se of belon­ging, or a place that doesn’t exist. The­se films exem­pli­fy the artists‘ obser­va­ti­on in depic­ting indi­vi­du­als‘ inti­ma­te phy­si­cal rela­ti­onships and emo­tio­nal jour­neys through recon­s­truc­ting memo­ries. The pro­gram: 1) Tug­ging Dia­ry (2021, 16 min) by Yan Wai Yin – „Tug­ging Dia­ry“ docu­ments a foot­bridge in Hong Kong over the year bet­ween August 2019 to Janu­ary 2021. As pro­test ral­lies and strikes are often con­duc­ted wit­hout a cen­tral lea­der­ship, both the inter­net and phy­si­cal spaces act as cri­ti­cal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on plat­forms of its own during this peri­od. As such, infor­ma­ti­on can be cir­cu­la­ted in the com­mu­ni­ty more wide­ly and rapidly out­side of the exis­ting main­stream media. As time goes by, the­se mate­ri­als are con­ti­nuous­ly alte­red, some were rene­wed, while the others were remo­ved, cover­ed with paint, or over­laid by other infor­ma­ti­on. 2) POV (2021, 21 min) by Hei­wa Wong – This fea­tured quo­te from direc­tor Wong Hei Wa and cho­reo­grapher Chan Wai Lok’s POV, the acro­nym for Point of View (a cate­go­ry of por­no­gra­phic films), con­veys very dis­pa­ra­te mea­nings when pla­ced into dif­fe­rent con­texts and cir­cum­s­tances. Who is asking the ques­ti­on? What is the occa­si­on? And who is „we“? Not­wi­th­stan­ding how direct or impli­cit it could be, this ques­ti­on and invi­ta­ti­on is, to a lar­ge ext­ent, a reflec­tion of the rela­ti­onship bet­ween two beings. 3) B Side (2021, 24 min) by Yung Tsz Hong – Jen­nie comes to a stran­ge city, lives the­re for a while, and lives with her boy­fri­end Eagle. 4) The Moon­light Is Shi­ning Tonight (2021, 30 min) by Green Mok – A lonely teen­ager hooks up with someone at the hotel, whe­re they soon rea­li­se how their minds are both preoc­cu­p­ied during their encoun­ter. Their bodi­ly pas­si­on could hard­ly con­ti­nue, and they have no other way but to tap into each other’s heart and soul.

In Anwe­sen­heit der Kura­to­rin Eri­ca Kwok, mit anschlie­ßen­dem Gespräch!



Sa 29. April 2023




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