Bridge Mark­land: faust in the box in eng­lish

Sa. 17.06. | 15:00 Uhr | Per­forming Arts Fes­ti­val Ber­lin 2017 | Goethe’s Faust 1 for the pop music genera­ti­on – a Col­la­ge of the edi­ted play with popu­lar music of dif­fe­rent genera­ti­ons, per­for­med as one-woman-show with hand­pup­pets // Eng­lish ver­si­on

In a spec­ta­cu­lar show as a one-woman-performance with hand pup­pets and pop music Bridge Mark­land con­ju­res “Faust“ out of the box. She per­forms high speed chan­ges bet­ween Mephis­to, Faust and Mar­ga­ret while using hand pup­pets as her oppon­ents. Bridge Mark­land acts with inten­se phy­si­ca­li­ty lip-syncing to the bril­li­ant sound­col­la­ge of the voices of the various prot­ago­nists, plus com­pel­ling music. Well known quo­ta­ti­ons from this most renow­ned of Ger­man dra­mas are jux­ta­po­sed  in Eng­lish with the likes of The Rol­ling Stones, Ramm­stein, Rob­bie Wil­liams, Metal­li­ca, Pink, Elvis, Madon­na, Led Zep­pe­lin, Depe­che Mode, Pla­ce­bo and many other music artists. The clas­sic play finds its con­tem­pora­ry equi­va­lent in the sounds and lyrics of modern music and thus is ope­ned up for many dif­fe­rent genera­ti­ons.
This “Faust“ inter­pre­ta­ti­on is not a par­o­dy, but a modern method of dealing with a clas­sic. At the same time it demons­tra­tes par­al­lels bet­ween dif­fe­rent streams of popu­lar cul­tu­re.
Audi­en­ces are ama­zed at how much the lyrics of a pop­song have in com­mon with a clas­sic play. The cen­tral the­mes which occu­py human bein­gs remain the same. The pie­ce car­ri­es the audi­en­ces to laugh­ter and to tears as the sto­ry­line unfolds befo­re them with humour, emo­ti­on, gre­at sen­si­bi­li­ty and much gro­tes­queness.
Bridge Mark­land  per­forms “Faust“ in and out of a card­board box. A simp­le, but very effec­ti­ve sta­ge prop which chan­ges it’s mea­ning accord­ing to the scene.Audience reac­tions demons­tra­te that this “Faust” inter­pre­ta­ti­on impres­ses audi­en­ces from 15 to 90 years of age

mit: Bridge Mark­land.
Regie: Bridge Mark­land / Hei­ke Gäß­ler.
Crew | Actor: Bridge Mark­land. Direc­tor: Bridge Mark­land / Hei­ke Gäß­ler.
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Sa 17. Juni 2017




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