Almost Mata Hari | Lovers, Let­ters, Kil­lers | eng­lish | Deutschland-Premiere

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[eng­lish ver­si­on below]
ein Schau­spiel geschrie­ben und gespielt von Eva Dor­repaal in Eng­lisch, Gast­spiel vom New Yor­ker Off-Broadway pro­du­ziert vom Obie-Award-Winner Crys­tal Field.

In der Rol­le der exo­ti­schen Tän­ze­rin und ers­ten Welt­krieg Spio­nin erforscht die Schau­spie­le­rin Eva Dor­repaal Mata Hari’s Ver­wick­lun­gen mit Män­nern und ent­deckt, dass sie und ihre Figur einen Drang zu gefähr­li­cher Lie­be tei­len.

eng­lish ver­si­on
Eva Dor­repaal dou­bles as play­w­right and lead actress in this one-woman show, deli­vering an excep­tio­nal­ly com­pel­ling per­for­mance magi­cal­ly por­tray­ing mul­ti­ple roles. The focus of the play is not bio­gra­phi­cal, but the crea­ti­ve pro­cess and its sources.
In the play, Ava pre­pa­res the role of Mata Hari, explo­ring a ran­ge of pecu­li­ar acting exer­ci­ses, but soon finds her own histo­ry with men com­ing to the sur­face. The pie­ce blurs the lines bet­ween acting and rea­li­ty and is based upon two real life sto­ries. Two women, a hund­red years apart, both lost in the cir­cle of dan­ge­rous love.
Mata Hari was noto­rious­ly known for reve­aling her body in „exo­tic dan­ces“ and having count­less affairs with influ­en­ti­al men on both sides of World War I’s front lines.
Trap­ped in a spi­der web of men, Mata Hari was accu­sed of coun­ter espio­na­ge in Paris, and exe­cu­t­ed by firing squad. Figh­t­ing for her free­dom until the very end, she refu­sed to wear a blind­fold. Ava rehe­ar­ses in her mes­sy base­ment apart­ment, alo­ne with her props, cos­tu­mes and notes. Her strugg­le to resur­rect Mata Hari prompts her to reli­ve a dan­ge­rous love affair from her own past. Ava’s lover Dra­gan was an irre­sis­ti­ble mys­tic who worked as a street per­for­mer; an out­cast from Ser­bia and Croa­tia who „libe­ra­ted“ him­s­elf and the women who loved him. A cult ritu­al clai­med the life of his sub­se­quent girl­fri­end.

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